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How to Use our Green Action Tracker

In an effort to help you TRACK and SHARE how good you are being to the planet' we created a list of common green actions that you can use to monitor your progress over time. It's free, easy and a great way to let friends and family know your commitment to being more Eco-friendly.


Action Tracker Type Page

Take a look at our actions broken down into different “action types”. You can look over the actions over several visits or you can go through all 160 questions at once if you prefer.

Inside each action type you will see a list of actions. You can select “Add to to-do list” or “Mark as done” for each action that applies to you. If you have done an action multiple times (e.g., change to a CFL light bulb) you can use the “+” button next to the number to report how many times you have performed that action.


Action Tracker Profile Page

Once you have clicked on Connect with Facebook or created a Free Registration, we will save your information for you in your own profile. You will be able to see the actions you have done; increase the number of times you've performed those actions; or get inspired to try new green actions by looking at your to-do list.

As you visit and look through the action groups, we will let you know how many actions you have completed and how well you're progressing on your green journey. You'll be able to share your “daily green action” number on Facebook and/or Twitter as well as challenge those you know to see if they can rate higher than your “Respectably Green” ranking.


Actions are counted in two different ways. ChasingGreen tracks the number of actions you have completed at least once and applies that towards your "Green Progress". For your Green Progress score each item only counts once.

However, we also keep track every time you complete a green action (even multiple times) so that you can see the total number of green actions you have accumulated. Note: A few actions are considered "one time actions" and can only be marked once.

Coming soon: The chance to create school, work or friend groups to compare (and challenge) those you know to think and act greener!

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