10 Ways to Re-Use Twist Ties

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At ChasingGreen.org, we are almost always telling you to re-use, repurpose, and recycle your grocery bags, garbage bags, shopping bags, sandwich bags, bread bags, and every other type of bag. But sometimes those bags come with extra accessories like square plastic doohickeys, rubber bands, and twist ties. We can't offer much advice for re-using the square plastic doohickeys, and we've already written an article on re-using rubber bands, so what about the twist ties?

These useful little ties are actually bits of metal wire encased in a thin strip of paper or sometimes plastic. If they end up in the landfill, which they generally do if you throw them in the garbage, they're going to stay there forever. We might as well delay that from happening as long as possible by putting these twist ties to further use in the following ways.


Make emergency cufflinks: If you forgot your cufflinks or simply can't find them and are due somewhere fancy, just secure your cuffs with twist ties. Pull the ties through so the twist is hidden.

Hang Christmas tree ornaments: Either for extra security against breakage or because you're out of ornament hangers, you can secure your family's treasured Christmas ornaments with twist ties.

Code your keys: Quickly identify several similar-looking keys on your chain with twist ties of different colors that you secure through the holes in the keys.

Use as an emergency shoelace: If you don't have a replacement shoelace handy when yours busts, try using one twist tie across each opposing pair of eyelets.

Temporarily fix glasses: If that tiny screw that holds the earpiece on your glasses just fell out, you can temporarily secure it with a twist tie. Just trim the edges off the tie so you just have the center wire. After you insert and tie it off, just snip the excess with scissors.

Tie up plant stems: If you have a drooping plant stem or want your vines to hang onto a trellis, simply secure the stems with a twist tie. Make sure you don't twist the ties too tight, as that might injure the stem and restrict growth.

Organize electrical cords: Either behind your desk or behind your entertainment center, you've probably got a thicket of wires that needs taming somewhere in your house. Tame the wire by rolling each one up neatly and securing the extra length with a twist tie.

Secure your pet cage: Pet rodents sometimes like to escape from their cages. You can turn a twist tie into a locking device to secure hamster cage doors.

Secure zippers: If you own a pair of pants or a skirt with a faulty zipper that likes to fall down with wear, loop a twist tie through the zipper, pull, and attach it to the inside of the button at the top of your zipper. A few minutes of work in the bathroom will save your modesty!

Make tissue paper flowers: Visit the Fun In The Making webpage for instructions on how to use twist ties to make tissue paper flowers for baby and bridal showers.


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Rocco Iannapollo on Dec. 28, 2017 at 2:29 p.m.

Is there an environmentally friendly twist tie?

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