10 Ways to Celebrate Mom and Mother Earth

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Mother's Day is traditionally a time for flowers, cards, perfume, and a quick call back home to let your mom know you care. This year rather than simply sending in a bouquet of flowers and a card, let your mother know you both love her and care about mother earth with one of these 10 green Mother's Day gifts.


  • Organic Cotton Twill Baby Sling: This one is for all those new mothers who care about the environment as much their children. The Karma baby sling is made of 100% organically grown cotton and can hold up to 35 pounds. Buy it for the mom-to-be or the mother in need of a handy way to keep track of the little one at the weekend farmer's market.
  • Food to Live By: The Earthbound Farm Organic Cookbook: If mom is a fan of organic and naturally grown food, she will love browsing through this green-minded cookbook. Filled with more than 250 recipes bursting with pictures of tasty foods, this gift is bound to make mom happy in and out of the kitchen for the rest of the year.
  • Recycled Paper Flower Bouquet: Flowers are a popular mother's day gift…unfortunately it's only a matter of time before they wilt and die. Several crafty Etsy sellers offer upcycled/recycled paper flower collections. These faux bouquets are not only made of recycled paper and cardstock, but they don't need watering, will never wilt, and will last a long, long time.
  • Recycled Paper Notecards: Rebecca Peragine is known for both her fantastic artwork and her interest in sustainability. This Mother's Day pick up a few of her recycled notecards and make them into a beautiful and green gift for your loved one. Each card is printed with soy ink, packaged with recycled and/or biodegradable resources, and is made of fully recycled cardstock.
  • Organic Skin Care: Weleda's extensive line of skin care products are all made with sustainable ingredients from biodynamic gardens. Try picking up a few shower lotions, body lotions and oils, or even foot creams for mom. She'll be delighted with your thoughtfulness and you'll be patting yourself on the back for supporting fair-trade farming and sustainable commerce.
  • Organic Flowers: If you are the more traditional type and want to give your mom something to put in a vase on the kitchen table, check out OrganicBouquet.com's collection of green Mother's day flowers. Each collection of flowers is made with sustainably grown blooms. Feeling extra generous and want to really spoil your mother? Check out their collection organic truffles.
  • Sustainable Jewelry: Ebay's “World of Good” website has an enormous collection of hand-made and upcycled jewelry. Find mom something really special this Mother's Day like a pair of fair-trade earrings or a bracelet made of fallen wood and grass.
  • Organic Cotton Clothing: Nothing says “I love you, mom” as much as organic cotton tee shirt, tank-top, or yoga outfit from Juno and Jove. Not only will mom have something nice and green to wear next time she goes out, but she'll have you to thank for it.
  • BottleChange: Gardening and yoga not your mom's thing? Try giving her an upcycled bottle tumbler or vase. Each BottleChange product is made of a recycled wine, beer or spirits bottle and are sure to make her friends jealous the next time she has them over for tea. These bottles have all been handcrafted into functinal, artistic glassware in an attempt to keep them from a landfill where it will take more than 4,000 years for them to decompose!
  • Recycled Canvas Tote: If your mom is always on the go, try gifting her one of these handy recycled canvas tote bags this Mother's Day. This heavy-duty bag will make a great accessory for both shopping trips to the co-op and late-night ice-cream runs to the grocery store.


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